Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

48 DIVINE EMBL~MS , But how much more, might one upon it fee, If all would hang there till they ripe Ihould be. But moft of all in beauty would abound, If every one £hou'ld then be truly found. But we, alas ! do commonly behold Blooms fall apace, if mornings be but cold. They (too) which hang till they young apples are, By blafting winds and vermin take defpair, Store that do hang, while almQft ripe, we fee By blufr'ring winds are thaken from the tree. So that of many, only fome there be, That grow and thrive to full maturity. COMPARISON. This tree a perfect emblem is of thofe Which do the garden of the Lord compofe. Its blafted blooms are motions unto good, Which .chill affe&ions do nip in the bud. Thofe little apples which yet blafted are, Shew, fome good purpofes,no good fruits bear Thofe fpoil'd by vermin are to let us fee, How good attempts by bad thoughts ruin'd be. Thofe which the wind blows down, .they are green, ~£hew good works have by trials fpoiled been. ~ ", T