Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

~OR YOUTH,. 47 fea he doth compafs us around with glories, Whilil he afcends up to his highefl: fl:ories. 1 Where he 'his banner over us diiplays, 1\.nd giwes us light to fee our works and ways. Nor are we now, as at th~ peep of light, ro que fl:ion, is it day, oris it night? rhe night is gone, the ihadow's fled away, l.:nd now we are moft certain that 'tis day. And thus it is when J efus fhews his face, lnd cloth aifure us of his love and grace. XXV. .Upon the promijing Fruiifulnifs qf a Tree. \ Comley flght indeed it is to fee l A world ofbloifoms on an apple-tree: t ~ar more comely would thi s tree appear, Illts daintv blooms young apples were. But