Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

50 DIVINE EMBLEMS Come, thief, tell me thy ga.ins, but do not falter, When furrt' d, what comes it to more than the halter? Perhaps, thoul't fay, the haltei" I defy; · So thou may':ll fay, yet by the halter die. Thoul't fay, then there's an end; no pr'ythee hold, · He was no friend of thine that thee fo told. Hear thou the word of God, that wiil thee tell, Without repentanse, thieves mu:ll go to hell. But fhould it be as thytl falfe prophet lays, yet nought but lofs doth come by thievifh ways. AH honeil men will flee thy company, Th0u liv'il a rogue, and fo a rogue will die. Innoeent boldnefs thou ha:ll none at all, Thy inward thoughts uo thee a villain ·call. Sometimes when thou Iy':ll warmly on thy bed, Thou art like one unto the gallows led. Fear as a conilable breaks in upon thee, Thou art as if the town was L!P to :llone thee. If hogs do grunt, ~r filly rats do rufsle, Thou art in confiernation, think'ft a buille By ~en about the door is made to take thee: And ail becaufe good confcience doth forfake thee. Thy