Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

FOR YOUTH. Thou fubjea art to cold o'nights, WHen darknefs is thy covering; At days thy danger's great by kites, How can'Il: thou then fit there and fing ? Thy food is fcarce and fcanty too, 'Tis worms and traili which thou doft eat; Thy prefent fiate I pity do, Come, I'll provide{hee better meat. I'll feed thee with white bread and milk, And fugar-plumbs, if thou them crave; I'll cover thee with fineft !ilk, • That from the cold I may thee fave. My fathers palace fhailpe thine, Yea, in it thou fhalt fii'and fing : My little bird, if thoul't be mine, The whole year round fhall be thy fpring. I'll teach thee all the notes 'at court; Unthought-of mufic tho~1 fhalt play: And all that thither do refort, Shall praife thee for it ev'ry day. I'll keep thee fafe from cat and cur, No manner o' ha rm Ihall come to thee; Yea, I will be thy fnccourer, 53 My bofom fhall thy cabin be. E 3 Rut