Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

54 DIVINE EMB'LEMS But lo, be~10ld, the bird is gone ; • · Thefe charmmgs would not make her ytelck The child's left at the bufh alone, The bi.rd flies yonder. o'er the field~ C 0 M p · A R I. S 0 N. This child•of Chrift an emblem is; • The birds to finners 1 compare : The thorns are like thofe fins of his;- Which do fur.round him ev'ry wher-e. · Her fongs, her- fMd; and fun-fhine day, , fr.re emblems of thofe foolifh toys, Which to d'eflruClion lead the wily, The fruit of world!~ empty joys. The arguments this.child cloth chufe, . To dra~. to him a bird thus wild, Shews Chr-ifl familiar fpeech doth ufe;. To mlle to him be reconcil'd• . The bird in that !he takes her wing,. To fpeed aer from him after a:ll: Sh~ws us, vain man loves any thing,, Muc~ better than the heav'nly Gall•. XXVlii. Of