Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

' l' 'OR YO'UTH .. 51 Yea, the more eager on't, the more in danger. Be he the ma!ler ~fit or a !hanger. Bu!h, why doll: bear a Rofe, if noae mull: have it, · Who daft expofe it, yet claw thofe that crave it? Art become freaki!h ?' Dolt thee wanton play. Or doth thy tefty hu.nionr tend this way ? C'OMP.A.RIS.ON. ·This Rofe God's S.on is, with his ruddy , looks: But what's the bu!h ? whofe p,r1ck.s like tenter;. hooks, Do fcratch and daw the fineft bdy's hat1ds, Or rend her cl oaths, if fhe too near it fl:ands• . This buf.h an emblem is of Adam's 1 a er., t Of which Chrift came, when he his Father's. grace Commended to us in his crimfon blood, While he in fin!Jer• Head and nature flood. Thus Adam's race did bear this.d<Iinty rofe, And doth the fame to Adam's race expofe: But thofe of Adam's race which at i1 catch, Thetn will th.e.race of Auam daw and fcratch .. XXX. Qf I I