Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

58 DIVINE EMBLEMS XXX. Of tlu going down of the Sun. W H A T, haft tliou run ·thy race, art . going do.}Vn ? , , Why, as one angry, doll thou on us f~own?• . Why wrap thy head vvilh·clouds, and hide thy face, As threatening to withdraw from us thy grace? 0 leave us not! V/ hen once thou hid'ft thy head, Our horizon with darknefs will be fpread. Tell, who hath thee offended, turn again: Alas I too late, intreaties are in vain.! COMPARISON. The gofpel here ha:i had a fummer's day, But in it• fun-iliine we, lik.c fools, did play; Or