Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

62 DIVINE EMB ·L1!.MS Their works (too) will thy condemnation be. When at the judgment-feat thou fhalt apBear. Budince thy God cloth hid thee to her go, Obey, her ways confider, and be wife ·: The Pif'mires will inform thee what to do, And fe t the way ~o life before thine .eyes~ · XXXIV~ .Upon , the &ggar. H E wants, he afks, he pleads his po~erty, They within door do him an alms deny. He cloth repeat and aggravate his grief; But they repulfe him, give him no relief. He begs, they fay begone: he will not hear, He coughs and fighs to fhew he flill is there ; They djf,regard him, he repeats his groans; They frill fay nay, and he himfelf bemoans. They