Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

Gg D' IVIN E EMB uEM!lCOMPARISO-N.. This Loaf's an emblemof the word.of God~ A thing of low efieem ;· before the rod Of famine 'fmites the foul with fear of death:. Be then·it is-eur all, our life,. our breath•. XXXVIII. The Boy and TYatch-maker. T HIS Wa.tch my father did,on,me befiow,. A golden one it is, but 'twill not go, U nlefs it be at an uncertainty : But as good none, as one to tell a lie. "When 'tis high day, my hand will fiand at rrine; I think there's no man's watch fo bad· as mine. Sometimes 'tis fullen, 'twill not go at all , And yet 'twas never broke nor had a fall. Watcn~