Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

FOR YOUTH. Wtttch-maker. Your watch, tho.' it be good, thr~ugh want of fkill May fail to do according to your will. Suppo{e the balance, wheels and fpdng be good, And all things elfe, unlefs you underflood To manage it, as watches ought to be, Your wafch will Hill be at uncertainty. Come, tell me, do you keep it from the dufr, And wind it duly, that it may not rufi? Take heed ( too ) that you do not firain the fp ring; You muH. be circumfpea in ev'ry thing, Or elfe your \Vatch will not exatlly go, 'Twillftand, or.run too fail, or move too flow. COMPARISON. This boy refembles one that's turn'd from fin; His watch the curious work of grace within. The Watch-maker is Jefus ChriH: our Lord, His counfel, the direttions ot his word; Then Convert, if thy heart be out of frame, Of this Watch-maker learn to mend the fame. Do not lay ope' thy heart to woddly dufi:, Nor let thy graces over grow with rufl:, Be oft' renew'd in th' fpirit of thy mind, Or elfe uncertain thou thy watch wilt find. XXXIX. Upon