Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

EOI.t YOUTH. XL. OJ th~ Lov~ if Chrijl. T H E love of Chrift, poor I ! may touch upon; But 'tis unfearchable. 0! there is none Its large dimenfions can comprehend, Should they dilate thereon, world without end. vVhen we had finn'd~ he in his zeal did fwear, That he upon his back our fins would bear. And fince to' fin there is entailed death, ' He vow:d that for our fins he'd lofe his breath. He did not only fay, vow, or refolve: to aftonifhment dill fo involve Himfelf in man' s difirefs and mifery, As for, and with him, both to live and die. To