Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

'i'J. DIVINE EMBLEMS To his eternal fame in facred fiory, We find tha.t he did lay afide his glory, Step'd from the throne of higheft. dignity, Became poor man, did in a manger lie; Yea, was beholden upon his for bread, Had, of his own, not where-t<_? lay his head: Tho' rich, he did, for us, become thus poor, That he might make us rich for evermore. Yet. this was but the leafi of wliat he did; But the outfide of what he fuffered. Cod made his bleffed Son under the law; Under the curfe, which like the lion's paw, Did rend and tear his foul, for mankind's fin, More than if we for it in hell had been·. His cries, his tears, and bloody agony, The nature of his death cloth teftify. Nor did he of conUraint himfelf thus give. For fin, to death, that man might with h.im live. He did do what he did moft willingly, He fung, and gave God thanks, that he muft die. Did ever King die for a captive flave ? Yet fuch were ~e whom Jefus dy'd to £ave. Yea, when he made himfelfa facrifice, . It was that he J?ight fave his enemies. And, ti1o' he was proYoked to retraa His blefi refolves to do fo kind an aEl-, By