Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

FOR YOUTH. 73 By the abufive ,carriages of thofe, That did both him, his love, and grace oppofe : Ye~ he, as unconcern'd about fuch things, Goes on, determines to make captives kings; Yea, many of his murderers be takes Into his favour, and them princes makes. XLI. On the Cachting qf a Hen. T H E Hen fo foon as !he an eg~ cloth lav, ( Spread the fame of her doing what {he /may.) About the yard a cackling fhe doth go, To tell what 'twas fhe at her nefl did do. Jufl thus it is with fome profeffi ng men, 1f they do ought that's good; they, . like our hen, Cannot but cackle on't where-e'er tl:ey go, And what their right band cloth, their l ~ft mufl know. G XLII. [lp!Jn