Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

76 DIVINE EMBLEMS Altho' they feem not much to fiir or g8, 'Vho ttlirfi for Chrifi, and who from wrath do flee; Yet what they {eek for, quickly they come to·, Tho' it cloth feem the fanhefi: off to be. One a8: of faith cloth bring them to that fJow' r They fo long for1 that they may eat and live; Which to attain is not in others power, Tho' for it a king's ranfom they would give, Then let uone faint, nor be at all difmay'd, That life by Chrifi do feek, they fhall not fail To ha ve it; let them nothing be afraid; Th.e he~b and' flow'.r a.re eaten by the fnail , XLIV, Qf