Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

FOR YOUTH. 79 Angels anr;l men do him Jehovah call, And from him life and glory always fprings. He's white and ruddy, and of all the chief: His head, his locks, his eyes, his hands, and · Do for compleatnefs out-do all belief, [feet, His cheeks like flowers are, his mouth moft fweet. As for his wealth, he is made heir of all, \IVhat is . in heav'n, what is in earth is 11is: And he this lady his joint heir .doth cali, Of all that 'lliall be, or at prefent is. Well lady, well, God has been good to thee! Thou of an out-cafi, now art made a queen. }'ew or none may with thee comp:ued be, A beggar made thus high is feldom !een. Take heed of pride, remember what thou art By nature, tho' thou haH in grace a !hare, Thou in thyfelf doH yet retain a p<~r t Of thine own filthinefs: wherefore beware. XLV. Upon