Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

8o DIVINE EMBL'EMS XLV. Upon afii!ful Player on a Iriflrument. HE that can play we11 on an in:!lrument, . \Vill take the ear, and captivate the mind With mirth or fadnefs, when it is intent; And mufic into it a way doth find. Btlt if one hears that hath therein no {kill, (As often mufick lights of frich a chance) Of its brave notes they foon be weary will: At1d there are Come can neither fing nor dance. COMPARISON. To him that thus moil fkilfully doth play, God doth compare a gofpd -minil1er, Thatdoth with life and vigour preach and pray, Applying right,. what he doth there infer. Whether