Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

8z DIVINE EMBLEMS In fin he's a confider. A m.IKL ·tl,, tc and divider; Blind reafon is his guider, The devil is his rider. · ~LVI~. Upon the [Jifobedient Child. CB I LD RE N, when little, how do they delight us ! vVhen they grow bigger, they begin to fright us, Their Gnful nature prompts them to rebel, And to delight in paths that lead to hell. Their parents love, and care, they overlook, As if relation had them quite forfook. They take the counfels of the wanton, rather Than the moft grave inftru8:iom of a father. They reckon parents ought to do for them, ·, Tbo' they the fifth commandment do condemn. They