Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

FOR YOUTH. They fnap, and fnarl, if parents them controul, Altho' in things mofi hurtful to the foul. They reckon they are maHers, and that we Who parents are, fhould to them fubjea be ! If. parents fain would have a hand in chufing, The children have a heart frill in refuiing They by wrong doings, from their parents gather, And fay it is no fin to rob a father. They'll jofile parents out of place and pow'r, They'll make themfelves the head, and' them devour. How many children, by becoming head, Have brought their parents to a piece of bread! Thus they who at the firfi were parents joy. Turn that to bitternefs, themfelves defhoy. But wretched child, how ca.n'fi thou thus requite Thy aged p~ren~s, for that great delight They took m thee when thou, as helplefs lay, In their indulgent bofoms day by day? Thy mother, long before fhe brought 1hee forth, Took care thou ihould'fi want neither food nor cloth. Thy father glad was at his very heart, Had he, to thee, a portion to impart. Comfort they pro~ifed themfelves in thee, But thou, it feems, ta them a grief will be. How oft! How willingly brake they theirfleep, If thou, their banding, did'fl: but· winch or weep. Their