Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

T 0 T H E R E A D E Rw . CouRTEous READER, THE titie-page will fhew, if thou wiltlook, Who are the proper fubjeB:s of this book. They're boys and girls, of all forts and degrees., From thofe ofage,. to children on the knees. Thus comprehenfive am I in my notions, They tempt me to it by their childifh motions. We now have boys with beards, and girls that be Huge as old women, wanting gravity. Then do not blame me; fince I thus defcrib~· 'em, ' Flatter 1 may not, Tefr thereby ! _bribe tnem ro have a better judgment of themfelves, rhan wife men have of babies on the fhelves. fheir antic tricks., fantaflic modes, and way,. 3hew they like very boys and girls do pl<ly 'Vith all the fran.~ic fooleries of the age,, \nd that in Of?en yiew, as on a ftage; Jur bearded men do aa like beardlefs boys.,. Jur wo,men pleafe themfelves. with childifh· toys•. 1 Our minifiers long rime oy word and pen ealt with them, counting them not boys, out · men:. ' They