Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

... ' .. -~~ ~.... ' "t.., i_vl ' ) To th€ R E A D E R. They !hot t~ir thunders at them, and their toys~ But hit them not, 'caufe they were girls and boys. The better charg' d, the wider frill they il10t, Or elfe fo hio:h, thefe Dwarfs they touched not. lnfiead of mgn, they found them girls and boys. To nought addieted but to childiih toys. Wherefore, dear reader, that I fave them may, 1 now with them the very DotriJ play. And fmce at gravity th.ey make a tufh, MY very beard I caft. behind a bufh. And like a fool fiand fing'ring of their toys, And all ~o £hew they are but girls and boys• . ".Nor do I blufh, altho' I think f0me may· Call me a child, becaufe I with them play : i aim t0 fno,w tnem now eacn ri ~;gic-f;t;-;g!~ On which they -d<;>te, does but their fouls . As with a web, a trap, ~- gin, a fnare: [ g \ And will ~efho.y them, have they not a Care. Paul feemed to p.la.y the fool, that. he gain . Thof~ that w:re fo~ls indeed, if not !1'1 grai He d1~ 1t by iu.c:h thmgs., to let th{lm fee 1 Their emptinef~. thei.r fin and vanity: J A noble aB;, a.nd full 9f honefiy ! · . Nor· he, nor I would li k:e them be \n viceL But by thei r play-things~, I would th.em intice,