Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

The He~ttt withDtft Gmlu_~· all the world !hould admire him ;, Do not thou then ~hink this is-enough, to be for Chrift, while the times credit hisi'c– ligion, but obferve how thy heart is, when its oppofed with all malice, and· contemned with all fcorn: F11c me epifoepu11ZJ Romanum& ero Chrijl-ianmlaid one. If there was any worJd· _Iy advantage 9r glory to be bad by the Chtif\ian P~;ofeiftou, thee he would become a-difciple io that \\ray : D~via tb.~wed great fincerity of heart, when he danced before·the Ark-, ,but fee howMichafl, regarding only worldly fiate,defpifed him in her heart for it: butoh the upright heart ofDavid, when he faid, I 'Will he more vile fti!l: He did not think his greatneffe and all his earthly gloty, to be :toO'·much to yeeld unto that religious worlhtp ofGod,which trude the Andent fay,Miror David. faltf!ntem, magi& quam pugnante111-l : fo then examine thy felf, thofe mean · and defpicable things of ChriA:, as the .wor.ld·accounts them, doefl: thou with much refpe~· obferve? Hi; Word, his Minifiers, his Ordinanc-es, that praCf:icalHlrict: way.of godlineffe fo much flighted, doe!t tliou. for ~ll this re· fpeCl aAd love them ·? faying with Paul, God forbid th111t I fhouldglorJ inany thing, [ave in thecro§eof{efm Chrifl. This will bt a.good figne of thy fincel'ity. · Vfe of Admonition, With all fear and tremblin~· to :attend to tb.is great and necelf:uy difpofition, without which all our -religion, all our duties, . all our approaches unto God, are no · more acceptable, then a facrifice full of blemi!hes and fpots : Oh what .an heavy copfufion will it be', to have God bid thee depart at.the )lfl:.aay, when thou !halt plead thy religibn;thy duties, thy devotioNs,"and all becaufe here is not truth in the in~ard pares: To :have ~bee roaring out at that great 'day; Fatth I h.ad,but no true·fatth; Repentance I had but there was n.o truth in it, and therefore am 1 adjudged t~ thefe everla~ .fling ilames: HlVe ye no pity upon your fouls, 0 ye who bear thc(ething~? ·Thou art blelfed and nOt tiH then, though ~hou hadfi Solomous wealth, and Ah{olon.s beat:Jty, ·and :Meothu– folehs long life, even till thou art the man inwhofe fpirit is·no guile. - ' ~ .. r f ~ , r. ·' ~ - . ... t > .~ J ''