Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

- -~ IJ• It makes . a m.an willing and fpoma– neous in Gods fervice• . ofUprlghtne/Je of HeArt : or 4~~$;~~~~~~~ $;~~.~~~~ s Jt R M. X~ ' ~ore Charafle~s of aHeart 'PJithout yuil~. p S A L • J~• Z• "' t._Antl inw'hlfl f}irit there il no Guil~. T~ Ede~crip~ion 9f that blclfed man, in whofe fpirit ~hefe ~ as no gutle, ts of fo great concernment, that I am utlwtf• ling to give ov(r this fubjeet, till y6,u fee him drawn in fuch lively colours, that he who runneth.may underftand whether he be the manor no, for we hold out this gldfe on purp.Q_fe that. you may fee your felves: I proceed the_refore ; apd the ne.xt Cbarader I Gtall add to the former~and will be the fidl: to the following, fs, · Th11t tt. manWhofe fpirit id Without GNile, u ,verJfee, Willing, ~tnive, and of hu ·ownJPontaHtoU~ inclination, carriedinto thtJ{e d11ties-God reqNirtth. He bath 1t JP ring of livingWater ~ithitf hi•fiowingfrQm him. He is a fountain, not a ciftern, which bath no wate,r any longer theq is powred into it: Thi9 pro– pe.rly is built on the Greek word elm-!!~,or ci7171crrn~, which fignifi– eth both fimplicity ,or fincerity,and freenciffe,or liberality,and · willingneffe; Thu!! Rw.J z.8. He that giveth, let himgive in . fimplicit) ; or as others, in liberality,freely,eladJy: So God is faid JAm.es chap. I. to give unto every man richlJ., or frrely, , J,,.,.~~, n4t upbraiding~ The rcafon why fincerely is thus rran· ~tcd willingly and freely, is, becaufe an unfeigned hrart is . the ooly fountain of all rttadine.R"e and cho(rfulneffe in what we do; w,hercas och~rs that want this, are rather compelled and baled to what theydo: fo then as God commands in Deut. IS.10. that. whc'n they did lend, or give to their neceffitous . · brother, .