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'T'Ite Ht4ft wilhmt Gttile. brother, they fboutd not btveany grief in tbeit lleitt, ~bile 'they did it. becaufeG~d /oveth If cheerfu1/giver f . So in atl ~~y~ datics and obedience untoGod, there .ought not tobe' ~nf grie(or unwilliRgneffe in thy foul ; ;but t~~>n att\vith joy ~.nCI gladneffe of foul to fay, .Be_hold Lord, /Jere I Am : and Wtth Cbrifi to fay, I come to dothy Will( 0 Lord) it isWrittenWifhi11'· · my heart. Oh then concerning·th-is p3rticular1 let therebe . greal!thoughts of thy heart; What gladndfe,what joy, what - . full ddight of foul dofi thou finde io thy fervice ofGod? Do• eft thou run th~ way ofhis Commandements? David,Pfal.51· prayed carnefily for this, 1f ftablifo me Withafret [pirit, a fpi~ rit that fhall readily offer tt felf unto thy Commandements: as De!Jorah commended thofe Worthies that \\1i//ingiJ offer• edthem(elves.in the high places ~fthe fteldJ. God never accepted · · of·the meer skins of any facrifice, but would have the flefby ' . fubfia9(e and the fat offered to him; fo here, the·Lord dotb . not-?egard the ~kin: the o_utward performance of any duties, bot the inward vitals, and favoriry vigoilr of grace : Thou meetefi him who r.ejoyceth aad worketh righccoufneffe, faith the l>rophecy,E/ay, Ifa.64. So then,ifthy heart be thus plain, and without aH guile, thy foul and all within thee will be en· larged towards God and his holy will, not .for ~very duty . without any interruption= No, the{pirit i& Wj/ling ,!Jut thejlefo u \Vea~: Yea the fpirit is alfo fometimes unwilling, but the main purpofe and chief refolution of the foul is, thus gladly and willingly fee upon thofe' things which God re~ quireth. , .. .•, .2. An Heart ~ithoiJt ~uile~ u thAt Vrho.(e eje isJttflenedupo" ,~(;od, ts plea[e hnn only "' the cour{e of hu life, and therefore A fi 14• ' ~\~oc:h no more regard ei ther applaufes, or i:he oppofitions of his1;Y~er~ ~~n · .~~ men in the world, then the .Sqnne in rlinning his race, dot~ ned upo~ ~ol ~1 fiop his courfe, b!!caufe of the black clouds that arife.from to plcaic him . " the earth to cover the fplendourtbereof: This is a pregnant only. inftance ofa fincere heart: for either worldly hopes,or world1y fears do'commonl¥ mak~ men fiep afide into guilefull 'er falfe wayes. As amant~at plffeth over the waters ifhe 1o6k up he will do well enough, but ifhe look down ~n the wa~ tees, he prefently becometb giddy,and cannot go ftreight on. , Mi Thm