Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

~~6~~~~~~~~ ~~c$u~ ~o:~~~ct~~~ sE R M. XIV. SbefJJJing 'Whence it u~ that e1Jen agodfy man may hegreatlY troubledandper.– plexed,{earing he iJ an hypocritt:....J. PsAt. 19.12. Who ea» emderflandbis errors? ~&leanfe tho11 me jfom f'-. c~et jinnes. · I N the former part we Ilave the Pfalmifi eommending two Books to be fiudied by all, as being ma~eby the moO: wife and holy Author that ever was, vi~. God himfelf. The fir£1: Book,i~ that of the whole world, efpecially the Heanm, ·the ~lory of the world, and the Sunne the glory of the Heavens. There was one Philof.opher Eudoxm, thought he wa~ born . for no other end, · but to behold the glory of the Sunne: but the Pfalmifi teacheth us better and more_divine-Philofophy, to admire the glory, majefiy and wifedom of him that made the Sunne ; and that devout man faid better, Si tama pul– chritudo in creatura,quanta in Creatore!Ifa creature be fo glo– rious, how much more·is the Creator !. Now the Pfalmifi fees. forth tfle ex.ccllency of the Sunne, · i. From the place where it is fer, H_efct a Tabernac lein the Reav'ens for it:. There is the throne ereded for this King of the earth. If Solomon in all his glory, was not like a Lilly of the field, much leffe can earthly glory be like that of the Sunne in the Heavens; yet the fpirituall and heavenly glory, .which tbe godly ihall enj_oy,iscompared to this,yca it is farre above it.. · · --- ~ - · . -- . -· ._ · ~~- The