Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

ttndajjirit' witl~rtt Gai/e_;: Jl'Z 2. The Sunne is commended for its beauty, a bridcgraorn coming out of his chamber: folem emund~ to!/ere, is tomake the world aCyc!Qps, a huge body without eyes. · · 3. The velocity ~tnd fwiftnejfe of the courfe: It rejoyceth ad 4 flrong man to rHnne its race. This text overthroweth tbat fan– cy of the Sunnes fianding flill, 1\nd the earths moving ; and let them not think to put it off, though the Scripture fpeaks according to our fenfe,for the affercion is fo peremptory of its motion, that if we give why to this, we may overthrow the whole Scripture upon this difiinction: Then thofe that held Cbrift bad only a pbantafiicall body and not a reall, may come iA at this hole; .the circular motion of it,his going forth is from one end ~fHeav:en to the other. . - 4• From the vivificall influence thereof, nothing is hid from . the heat thereof. The Hebrew word for the Sunne, comes from a root, that fignifieth miniftrare, becaufe its~he ferv~ntt - of the whole world. ·And obf~rve here by the way, that the Scripture commeading the Sunne and the Starry Heavens for all its proper ufes and ends that we 1hould make of ·them,' faith not the leafi word of iudicial Aftrology, or foretelling · ' future events in the wodd by them : whereas if that were true, which is faid, That God by the Heavens as by a Book, bath revealed what he would do, it would have commended the fiudy of the He.avens for this end eo all; for ifGod bath manifefied bis will by it, then certainly he would have com· manded'us to fearch for it there, as he doth command us to 1 finde out his will in the Scripture. But the Scripture is fo .· farre from cornmending fuch a fiudy, that it expreOy forbids it as agrievous finne, Deu-t,I8.Io,I4. and Jer~Jo.a. and truly that Judiciall Afirology i~ avanity,appeareth by this reafon:.. Theyundertake to foretell contingencies, for the moll parr,. from the pofidonof the feven Planet§ ; now there being fo vaft anumber of fixed Starres,which have influence in earthly things in fome proportion as well as the Planets, how is it poffible that they 1hould foretell any certain truth? Albu· rtJaz:-er the chief of that Aftrologicall fuperfiition, foretold, th~t the ChriftWin .Religion, jhouldnot continueahovea thouflmd foRr hundredJeflrs; but experience bath qifcovered thewic- · - · Sl~ -- ----- · ked •