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j C4fls ofCbn{clence a~eNt Sincerity ked fallhood thereof~ Not tQ tell you, dnt Go'd makes it his property onely, and the Prophecs he immediately infpireth to predid things long before they come to palfe. ' · Tbe {econd Book the Pfalmifr commends,is that oftheScri- . pture, and that onely is difHnCl: and clear, giving a foul– {a.ving knowledge, for~hat we are more to rejoyce in the Word of God·, and to account that a more neceffary and precious treafure,then Heaven and earth: The Word i5 corn– mended from cxceller:tt adjunCts a.nd properties, as alfo molt btctfed 'and gracious cffetl:s : Now when the Pfalmifl: had d~fcribed thefe two S~hooles,he feeth they are nothingwith~ out a third,the School of grace; That God would teach him and Qardon his finnes, efpecially confidering the cxadnetfe of ·Gods word, and what holy obedience that requireth ; he doth in amoll: fad and bitter ~anner utter the complaint of his foul in my text. In which words confider an expollula.· tory exclamation. ~. A vehement pott"ulation. The excla– niation,Whll c'tm under{land hi&error? That is,N~e-can. The Hebrew word for errors, 6gnificch all thofecrafcy and fubde wandrings of the foul: the hidden counfels and fecrct lurking lulls• that are in the heart. Even as crafty beatls they have their holes and their dens to lye in,and it is very hard to finde themout. 0 mark ir~ EvenDavid, agodly man complains thus; 'That he doth not know himfelf; chat there is more· evil in him then he can finde our, and thereupon you have his .cautelous and- jealous prayer, Cle{lnfe me frorn fecret jinnes: what finnes Lord,I do not know,I do not difcover in me. Oh there may be much unknown wickednefi'e in mj heart,do thou cleanre me from it. S~ diat the firft Doctrine I fuall obferve is, . DoCI, That Godly men mA) he gre.ttfy trot4blcd and ajftiEled under · That god~ thid medita.tion : That there i4 more evil in them then they k]iow. :~~h~r~ubfed All the hypocrifie and naugbtindfe within themfelves, they and affiichd cannot fathom. Oh then what fhall they do ? from fearing Now upon this text and doctrin_e, 'I fhall come to a fecond di.ey arc hypo- praetiCall cafe,~oncerning a fpirit without guile: viz.. What a· cr.~~e,s, god!J man/honlddo,thP~.t i4 aftaid he /5 an hypGcrite: That thinks · his foul is full ofguile. He: difcovers and findes much eviJJ, · - · - · and. • ,,.