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. ' A1!t(A [pirlt with9Nt Guile.): at;~d then he 'knoweth not what depths of tinAe rna.y -hem h;mb, fides all this: and therefore his foul is trouble-d, and Whence it ari.: he hatb no reO: in his bones becau fe of this fpirituall difquiet· feth tl.lat a · · neffc. To pour oyl into this fpirituall wound, let us firfi by godly m~D. way of pn·paratio~, confider whence ii: doth arife, that a may be m godly man ffi:'t}' thus fadly be'troubled, fearing himfel_fto be ~teat feharph~ 1 h . d --. d h d JS an y o an ypocnte an a cal~away: an t egroun sare many. dte. I. That urfearchvzble depth of corruptifJn, Which cleavet~ r. tiJ every mu. This is tbc r Jhntain of thofe had afid fecret That depth •f finnes David prayeth to b~ CJeu Jed from. As the graces of cor:·uption ' the Gofpel !~.re anfearchah le ~ nd the riches tbercof are pall: wlHch dea-- d . r. . 1 ' b . h vethtoevery fin mgout, .o chatnan•raac1>'~1up~:wn wer:url}' a outwn man. • - us is exce~Jing dc::ep ; we fl{Ver c.,-, me to lino•-~ tbe wvrfi of. · our felves; our l'le.. ll:f au ltte E~ch;els vifi on he bad, ffill ·· there was more abhominaeons 1 <s,nd yet mo 1 t>, when we have difcovered fo much a'> fo all make us a novfome dunghill to' our felves, yet there rem11 intth fomething to b~ difcove'red : - As they fay all the parts of the world are not yet difrovered~' fo net all of that world of f1nne which i5 withinus. Gm.6. when its faid, the imaginatien.t Df the thoughts ofour hearts are enely evit: The Hebrewwoid for im'!gination, fignifieth that: the heart is a conftant forge odhop ofevil, wherein do confiantly arife evil thoughrs, corrup-t affections and imagina..o. tions,as from fome bitter fountain flow conllantly fome bitter fireams: No marvell then if thegodlymanbe in fuch fad ·· pcrple;dties, fceing there is fucb an unknown gulf offinne. within him. - · 2, Anothergro1111dof thid j);iriwa!l Perturbatitm, u theJPiri· tuall tx~Etnej[e of the Law, Which doth jfriEt£y oblige te every ! ota ~r ttt~le,to univerfall~tnd perfeEt obedience' curfing all fail~ sngs therem: and d11s feemeth to be theoccafionof Davids c.ompl~int in the text, To tho/e that k.,eep his Commandementt, there. u an c.t~ceeding ,great reward: but who are they thinks· Daved, Jam noheofthofe,I cannot underfiand,or bewaile all the evils of.my doings: Therefore we fluU alwayes obferve, .. that thofe who are filled with aPharifaicall riQhteoufneffe an~ felf-boliryeffe, they have aiway ~s meafmrd theirdmy by tbe1r power,and not by.tl1e Law; they C.ave~dtnied the firis9: 2; The fpiritaa ll ' cxaitnefle of– the Law. . - ?hligation , .