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A»d aJiirit' with~•t G14i!e.:J: h1 . teach himfclf wciJ,. for the confounding of thefe tWO ' toge~ 1 tbcr puts a man into confufion, and being in the dark, uteth poy,fon for wholfome food. . . - ' For the fir.ll kindc ,of fear and trou~Je, vi~. of diligenc:e The fear of. and carefullnetfe in the ufe of the means, with much jea- diUg~ncei-s,: loufieovet our own hearts. Its Firft, A duty commanded!?; God, Shouldfl:thon not fear I• thy felf and watch over thy deceitfull heart, thou wouldcft A Buty• ,be guilty of a manifefl: finne, for thus the Apofife Phi/.2. I 1. Wor/z.ont yourf~lv~ttiqn Vvith ftllr and trtmhling. We do not therefore blame thee, that aJJ thy holinelfe.and religio~s profdiion is accompanied with a fear and trembling, _bot forth~ Oavifh tormenting and difirading thoughts that thou given way to in t~is difpoficion; .Know then.that thus. f~rr~ it is aduty, that m aH the ererctfes of grace and rehg10n,.. there fhou1d be .a godly trembliflg upon thy heart; Th~ Majef\y ofGad is fo infinitely great with whom thou haft to do; The weight of every duty is alfo exce·eding great and of eternall concernmcnt; The mifcarriage is·fo cafie and fo· dangerou-s, that an holy trembling is a mofi comely and con– deccnt.difpofition for every .gedly man, efpecially confidering· that Trufure of grace he carrieth about with him, is daily laid in wait by fubtle and crafty enemies, even tbofe fpiritu- . all wickednelfes in high places: Doth not the Merch~ntwith acarefull trembling obferve his Ship frau'ghted with all he· is worth, wbile the.way was laid by crafty Pirates? 'and thus the· godly being in continuall da.nger of optn vioienre, or fecret fraud, cannot but haveanholy jealoufic and foJJkitous. tremb-ling abou't himfelf. . . ~ 2. This holy jcaloufie and godly trouble, is not onlyaduty z·: ent an ucellent correElor and qualifier of other gr11ces, which A cometm: many times through our weaknelfe a-nd corrupt-ion, we firetch and qualitier into an extremity. All graces both in their prefence, and of,othcrl!l~~ m,ut~aJ cooperation, are of thcmfelves wo·nderfull helpfull c;es. -one to another, but fuch is our indif~retion and fpirituall un· s-killfullneife, that through an iiJ-managing we make them conu:adid: one aaother. Thus how often while· we beleeve· in a pr.omife and fiablifh our hearts t·benwith,. are we re-ady.J ' R 3 ' . tO ·