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t.J6 eafos ofCon{clence Ahotll Sincerity for the mon: p·art all of them Gnnes ·(for: if the fountain be .p9lluced~ the Ureams muft be:) Who ~ay not cry oat with . David,OLord,Icannot underft~nd my errors1. 3·- . 3· Its hard to k_now and to be acquaintedWith all our fmnu, , Becau[e of~he he.caufe of that ftnfutl ·and immoder-ate {elf-love, 'Which adhereth iind~ull andr 1 tuf,. ts every rnan, as Ivy to the tree, never leaving it, till i't bath or mate 1e • d d d T · r If 1 · love which ad- confumed an amne aman. h1s 1e · ove covereth amul- )lereth to every titude (;fftnnes,in ary e,vil fenfe, as compaffionate ·love doth in a · man. · goo~ fen~e ~ The Apof.l:!e m~ke,s fclf-love, .r(he firfl: in the front of that a.rmy of rebelll6-as finnes_agamft God, There foaL! come dangerom times, ·men /h.1ll he lovers of themfelves, 2 Tim.3.2• . Therefore our S1viour laye~h it down as a funda· mentall qualification to his Difciple, He muft deny hmljelf, Mark. 8.34. yea he muft {o[e bim{elf, Now unans judgement,. affetlions, aimes, interet't,will and profit, thefe are aH part of that felf a man mufi deny. Self.-love hath its dr.eams .as well · as carnalllove, fai~ing to it felf fuch goodnelfe,and fuch hap– pineffeas can be defired, bu~(alas)both they and their good.: neffe are but painted-fepulchers ; How theaJhou Id that man · believe any evil by ~imfelf, who is perfwaded orily ofgood In himfelf? To fuch as thefe are,the miniUry though n_ev.er fo powerfull, is 'mofl: tfnprofitable, becinsfe their felf-lo.ve hin– ders them from applicati,pn of all thofe threatnings and cur– ·ftngs in the Law,whichdo indeed.belong eo them; this is the ·brazen wall that beaterh back the firongd1:-artow taken out ofGods quiver; felf-love,harh quire befoned him, he feetb; ·he ttl_inketh,he ~oveth,nothing but himfelf; ev.en as that An· tipheron Arift~tl'e fpeaks of, who by weakneffe of his eyes, l1ad the reflexion of.hi~felfin the aire', as others have upon~ lookin~·glatfe, fo -th":n all the day long, fiill he faw bimfelf. If therefore thou wouldll: ever 'cotne-to know how vile an4 loathfome thou art:, root out that feJf.Jove, as the great jug· _ ler that cafis a miUbefore thy eyes. 4· 4• Thofe Jinnes 'Which are Idolatries andherfjies, ~tnJallfuch Hereftes and .!4 "-re feated chiefly in the underftanding, thefeare hardly difc~f~~itJinsfe~ ae~ 'liered : ·The ey.e that feeth all other things,yet doi:b not fee it ~n 1 \?e he;d felf, how much le.lfe when its ill .affected with humours ? and under- ·Howcan a man undedlandhis erJ"Qrs, whenhiserrors are his ... ---· - -· - ' - · · Ul_ld~r~anding?