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~ndarpirlt withollt GN!le.'' I 31 underRanding ? and therefore in this refpe8:, lteretiei and er; nanding, are rors, and all intelletl:udl finnes, are worfe then groffe, noto- v:ry hardly rious finnes ( whatfoever may be faid in other refpetl:s) vi~. difcov~rlef.d to~ · · d'ffi I · c. d'ffi I mans ~e • che1r cure 1s more 1 cu t ; tts 1arre more 1 en t tQ coR• . .. vince fuch a man though erring damnably, then a prefent tingodly man ; and the reafon is, becaufe hi& qe i& dark., and then the whole hody mu.ft he very dar~ Haflenm ignorantiam., mMr» ignoravi, (aidSeneca; ~Hitherto I was ignorant of my - igno-rance; and truly fo may all thofefay, who are led afide by the errors of the ungodly, Hitherto I was igaorant ofthe blafphemy, ofthe Idolatry, of the damnable errors I was fedn– eed by. Ecclefiallicall Hillory telJeth us ofvictim fir~amed the wicked, becaufe of his many blafphemous and arrogant opinions,, that this was ufually his proud faying, · He k_new what God \\1/U; yea he k,zlew .God IU Well tU be k_new himfel.f: Oh horrible impudence, its an argument he neither knew God or himfelf: So that the Counfell which Chrif.l: gave the Church, is admirably neceffary for all forts ofperfons,To /my eye-{alve. that their undtrllandiags being enligbtned, and miades tranfformed, they may k.:now thegood .endperfefl Will ofGod. Olt pray to God, that thou mayeft be acquainted with every falfe way,that thyfeet do wander in. • . 5. Its httrd to underjland our error!, ·hecatife of earthly and 5 .' \vorldly pro~t. Wfoich m11ny times come to m by ourJinms. Let Irs l1ard to un– our Saviour fpeak in never fo convincing a manner to the dedhnd dur . Pharifees, yet they being covetous will mock and deride error,_ becaufe: · him, Luk,; I 6. r4· It ~as not for th.eir earth_ly profit and out• fi~.eanhiy pro~ ward greatnelfe to belteve thofe thmgs Chnll preached: and thus though the Minifters of the Gofpel charme never fo wifely to the Pope Qf Rome and his devered party, they can· not hut ftop their ,·ears, for-its to throw down his Y{Orldly adv_anuges ~ As therefore any_du(l blown into the eyes,dOtlt prefently hmder the fight,, fo any ~archly or worldly confi· deration ,'doth eafily turn ama~s judgement. This clay the world puts upon our eyes, will not lik~ that of our Saviours he~p us to fight, but rather put it deer out: Love to arna~ ·profit and inordinate defire of gain, will make aman commit . fad and foul~wafting finnes, and yet f<?r the while at lefi, the T - ' party