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· ,. x 3 g, CafeJ ~Confcienceabout Slnctrlt1 1puty offendiug take no notice of them. - · · . (;: 6. Auarthlj preftts,fo pleafures and the dftight offlnne, they J\flu the plea- do Wonderfully bribe thejudgement ;. and its very hard to per– fures, aad defwade a ma-n, that thofe things wherein his defireJ and lights of finne. P.leafures are feated, -they ar~ finnes ;. a man-will difpute . .... -- much, and argue very many fa1r pretences, ere the pleafures of finne and himfelf thall part fo eafie : Like the mafly dog, ' they have tafied oftbe fweetndfe of the blood, and yoq_ may as foon kill them as feparatc them : Its hard keeping in the candle, when damps and moift vapours do once begin to rife where men ar~ digging; and its no le1fe difficult to keep up she lamp of a mans faith and fpirituall wif~om, when thefc foggy vapours, thefe bruitifu pleafures offinne do once af– cend up. To underfiand our errors, doth require reflex:ion upon our aCts ; now a beafi cannot refled: upon its ad:s,it doth not know it feeth or it fmells ;. and the more be:dHy any [lns are, the more devoid they make us of all undedl:anding ~Therefore the Scripture faith, Wine and Women tak.§ away the he~trt,Hofe4:n. remove all wifedom a-nd knowledge from amao. ' 7· ;tlfo it pro· 7. Educatien, cuflom ·and univer[ality inanJ' Way offinne; ?loth greatI] hinder a man from underflAnding hu errors: What made .the Idolaters, what makes all fuperfiitious and trro· se01is men, to account all their idol-atry and corruption of. worfbip no finne? a great caufe of this is education and uni· verfality ; the commonnc1fe of a finne feems to be argument ' good enough to jufiifie it : Its ~1ferted by m~ny learned men, ceeds from . q~ftom and. univC!rfality in a way o~ ~{lne. that:the polygamy oft he Patriarchs and others in tbe old Tc– ftament was a finne, becaufe dired:ly againtl the firfi infiicu– tion ofmarriage, .They two foali be one flefh: But if this be fo, then the great doubt is, Why the godly men who had more wives then one,did not repent of this finne, why did t,hey not - bewail it?· and its anfwered; It was. the finne of the age and the time, even all through cufiom had fallen into it, and fo they did not underltand their errors though very foul. S. The devil infome paNprevailing over the godly ,dothmanJ · "Fsfom Sa~ans times fo debsde them, that evenfouler flnmJ otre not underftoodby delutions. t.herlLJ :' We fee in AdamJ.nd Eve, though cteated wi-thper· ·· - . ftch