Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

v . 'dni" fj irit wieh8ut Guile: 139_ feel knowled~e, yet the devil did infinuate himfdf; and. it bath excrcifed Divines to fuew wherein the error or finne of Adamdid begin, whether in his will or uAderfl:anding; fo - then, if he coni!! delude him, no marvell ifSatan .now by his fubtle methods and-crafty infinuations he bath, can do .as his i1lfl-ruments: juglers and wizards do raife up appuitioos and the fuew of t1timgs,for the things themfelves: . ' 9· Its hard to Hnderftand our errors, becaufe of the multitude 9; ofthem: They are fo great, the num~erofthem fo vatt? th'lt Beca~(e qf the they caanot remember all,or take nottce of~11 ; and this may mulmude ofj be a great part of DtWi.dJ meJning, who can knderftand? Who them. can remember, know and_ take notice ofthem, ~.hey aref~ch a . numberlelfe mimbcr ts we fay ! and therefore Dav~d ~n Q.~het places comparet-h them to the hairs of hi& head. Are DavjJ.c finnes fo many)and are thint h:fft? Oh this tnedibtion lhould even fwallow us ~p with fear and trembling: There are fuc-h armies, fuch companies of tufts alwayes arifing from me, that I am a very burden and terror to my felf. Laftly, lts h~erd ts1mderfl11-nd, tU the quality, fo the quantity I i~ ef them. aJl the circumftances that do aggravate them: Ob :Becaufe of the 1houldft thou·fit tlown and aggravate every finne thou haft quality o~ ·· committc4 from all the circumlbnces ofit, even the leaft fin them. wiJJ at laft arife to fuch a greatne.1fc,that it will overwhelm. ' V[e,of .Ad1nonition, Nouo be high·mind·ed, or preturri– ptuoully to jaftifie thf felf: for doth aDr1vid, who fiudieth the Law ofGod day and njgh~, that oftcQ prayeth to God, that he would fearcb and tr9, his heart, doth he yet complain that he knowes his finnes ~ut in part, that there is much cor· ruption kept fecret from him? Wi'th what greater grief then, and fadder fears lhouldft thou utter this complaint, wha can underftandhuerrors? Oh take heed of this felf-love this felf– Aattery, t.hat wilt fee nothin~ and hear of nothing i~ thy felf, ' but what 1s good and lauda~le. Well,know for all thy hidings and coverings,the~ay is coming,when all 'hidden things ofthe heart lhall be mamfe£ted• , T i • I