Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

.• '- / ~~~~····;··~··· s E. c 't'. I V~. ·OfMorall and Pradicall Errors, S·E R' M. XVlf~, .~hat alt'Sinnes a·nd tran}grifJions are_, damna.ble lie~. e.-tt~ts- . . .. . p S·A, Le 19. 12• Who &llfJ Nnder{l~tndhi8 err1rs? clet~nfl thou. m~ ftom.fl-: cretjinness . · · · ~ ' 11 He next praaicall and wholefome Truth' we ~ fhall confider and treat of, is .from the Title and name. which David givcth to finne ; He call~ finnes ~rrors : This is amctaphor from. the bodlly mott.on, when amam foot fieps awry omof the plain way.into fome .dangerous Rit; or from thofc vagab9nds, who wander up and down from pla(e to pl <:~ ce,having no fedcd'J)'Iace; ~nd truly fuch a'wandring rover is every wicked man ; ,He hat h. no fet:lcd foundation for any comfort or peare, but fhifceth up anNown, and ifhe-can get.!<>mc p,rcfent cafe, .he careth for nomore, ,never looking to the fu· ture. The cxpreffing.of finne undet the notion oferror;doth very well anfwer the greek words for finne, efpecially thofe · two,-.if."«F~ct and '/W.ei;~a.qx~, af<dpnct is properly in the Archer · when h-e.miffcth the mark he lhootsat ;~ and to this alfo tbe : · - · · .· -- · Hebre~! i