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Sinnes 11ndtrt~.nfirejl~ns ArcdamHa!Jle Htrtjei~ Hel>nwword anfwercth, and mtejCct.UI' which fignifieth u i Cridck;nbtcth, not fo muchagoing beyond the.precept, as a -::· - . 141' carele!fe-and negligent paffing by, not regarding bounds that are fet. As the Scripture doth here call rh em errors, fo all • finnes are called,Heb;9·7· d')A'on(M.'TU; .The High- Pi"ief! offered once a year for the 'errors orignoranceofthe people; fo that there is no man who comrnitteth any finne>but in that refpe8: lie doth grievouOy and dangeroufly erre, and tliat ·not in outward worldly matters,_\> ut ineternall and everlafiing:con• cernrnents. Doel. That slljinnes and~tranfgrejfioru, they, are. ·the dan· Doll. . gero114 ~tnd dirmnd~le trrorJ ofmen. Though ·they rejoyce !n All Sinnes are their pleafures and profits and condemn the oeneration of damanable Er--: · ' ~; ror8 the godly: for unwife and foolifh men, who will .not runne · - into thefiU'J'Je e).:etjfe ofriot as d.ley do, ~et indeed they are·on- .....:... ly in an error;. .and therefore the Scripture dpth fo often eaU · wicked men fools, and that rich glutton ~who had alf the gpo4 things of this life, atlaft he iscalled afool~ and forhis fhort p,leafures is thrown into eternall tormfnts. To open this Point-; confider that ourerrors, 'Which · fl'PC alfo Errors are of; jinne.s, !Je of twofOrtS~ fome are .mterly intel/tCfua/1 in ouruntWO forts. dedlanding,. whereby we judge falfhood for truth,~r:td tr~th for falfhood: odicrs aremoral! and praClicatl,' wllereby in our atlions we turn afide from the true- and~right rule: . now · the mofi common app.Jication of the. word error, .with 'lilS, is to finnes of.the firft kinde : we in..a fl:iitl fen.fe do for the · mofi: part call them errors, which are corrupt Qpinions in the · underfianding; hut the Scripture doth:very·frc.quendya~ply .· , it to pratlicaU finrres, and ·eo the iniqQity or our wayes ; ., fo . that we are not only to,cry down errors of 'judgement; hut · err~n ofmens Jives_; Not only the op~nion of Free-will~ of .. umverfaltRedemptton, but thy drunkmneffe, thy-Jwearmg,,, ?. cfrc. thefe are ei:rors alfo : and truly. he that is upfight in ·: heart, and.defireth to wallfimpartiaUy, .dothmourn forthe · toleration and licentioufneffc of"both thefe'kindes oferrors • . lt grieveeh b~m; that tbe-Sa.i~ture way .is nonaken, co.ll'op : the courfe .both oferrors of JQd84lment; -aud .alfo e11rors of · mens cO:nverfation, - --- - -- . . .. .. ·--- -----·--· - ! :·33 ~~·f:onfi.det• .