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. Sinnu 4nd triln{grejti~ni 2~ CoHftder t~at there u~o man.finnes, 6ut he hath/ome ~nde eferrQr, or ignorance in hu under}Janding 4t that time, a~ tO' ....., fpeak more according to School Divinity ; Then~ are three kiades of defect in the uuder(hnding, and one of thefe is al· wayes prefcnt when aman doth ftnne, ih(omuch that.its a re~ tetved opinion, that omni& peccAns., eft e'gnorans, every ftnner · bath ignorance in his minde; yea Socrates and others went fo farresas to fay, that virtmwas nothing·but {cientia, virtue ' was knowledge; and they called no man doE!m vir, but who was a good man: thus they thought, chat every man did finne for want ef knowledge : But Arifto'tle did well Dtew the faUhood of this, and yet grants alfo fome defea of the minde,in every one that ftnneth~ / · Firlt, Theref6re there i4 errrw, and that is properly an act of the judgement, when we do judge fu·ch things lawfully eo be dobe ~!I are unlawfull, fuch things good, as are very bad: now this is not in all finne, for how many do judge their adulteries, their voluptuous pleafures,and unjuft dealings.to be finfnll and againfi: Gods word ! yea they many times are _. troubled,about them,and bewail them bitterly, though they cannot ov~rcome them : This error therefore of judgement is mofi: co\nmonly fe~n in dotlrinall Points, yea and fome– timcs men are given up to fuch corrupt judgements,that they do plead for and maintain fuch ftnnes as are againft_.the verr light ofnature,, and the common rules of righteoufnelfe ac– knowledged ~y all men: Thi~ I acknowledge is an heavy judgement, when men are delivered up to heleeve a lye: th~tt . ha·ve eyes but cannot fee,~nd heart,s but ct>tnn~t utJderftand; Thefe . ~ men have upon their heart's that atra nubes, the black dark ' cloud the Poet fpeaks of: It was the Jews cafe, who had a -~· ·- n:il upon their hearts, No mans fins Secondly, The_re u ignorance.'W.hen 'We do not k.,now thematt~r bu; from error that u ·to bed(JnC and that.isl!ither grolfe Which doth Wholly or J_£ncarance, · ' , . I ' • • , · '----- .~· darken ,a-mans underftandmg, fo chat a man bath h1s eyes . . .. · . _suit~t)ue out, or clfe its affected ignorance,when a man doth ~ <~- .. wilfully affect and defire ignorance, that fo he may not know w~athe ought to do; as thofe that.did ftcp their ears, thitt !h? '!!;g~~ '!~~ ~~fl.~ ~~~ ~~~'!!er1 ~~911gb ~e ~h11rmed ne~~, 1 jtJ , . 'W~e~ - ..... I ) ' (