Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

ifr-t dAmnaMe Herejies;· 1vifety. The Schoolmen fpeak of an invincible. ignorance~ which they fay,doth wholly excufe from finne; which is then, - when a man though he fhoold ufe ail his endeavour and power, yet he were not able to remove it: but accordlng to Scripture, enn he that doth not lznowhu Mnf/eri "Will, /hall be beaten, though he that /znew it, anddid it not~ lhall have greater ftripes, Luk. I 2·47· Its not ignorance or fuvoluntari~ neffe that makes a finne,but the .ro dvotMv the tranfgreffion of aLaw; if therefere it be an ignorance of what.we ought to· know, whether it be vincible or invincible,its all one, its our finne that we do not know it: ; indeed ameer nefcien~y of many things we are not .bound to know is.qo finne, for thu was in Adam, while in eftate of holinelfe, and is fiill in tho· very Angels, becaufe they do ·noa; know all things; butigno.;. r;mce efwhat we ought to know is alway~s a finne. - Now this ignoranc~ Qne way·or other, is for the moft part· in every finner; His IJnderfianding is dellitute of .that know~ ledge, ·whtreby he might be guided to better W3¥CS ;dEather forgive them for the] /znow. mt 'What they do,Luk.23·3+efpcciaJiy_· there i~ notice to be taken of two more kindes of knowledge in matter of finning: There is a knowledge in the gcnerall, or~bare fpcculative khowleclge, and there \sa partic~lar pra"' Cl:icall knowledgepro hie & nunc, whereby we know what is to be done by us at .this time : .Now there ate thoufa_nds ~f finners, that in the generall know they ought not to do what they do; They have ' a bare fpeculative judgelllent,condemn– ing thofe wayes they live in;. but then for the particular, e.f .. fed:ual application of their knowledge, to make. ~hem re~ form,tllat they want. Therefore the Scripture fpeaks ofwic-– ked men, as thofe that k!zow not God, and have no underftand. ~ng at all, becaufe the knowledge they have is only generan» . ie doth not put them upon praClife, which is tbeend .ofallr kn0wledge in divinity, and that which doth not ai:tain its– end, is as good as nothing at aJJ. Again, There i5 i!tnother. diftinEli(;)n of }znowle'dge, its either hahituall or 11fluail; Hit.... · · hitua!l is, when a man bath the principle of kn~wledge and· ·. unde.,~andi~g within him; .ACfuall is, when a man puts !t forth mto Jts p,roper ufe; ~ow. ~~ere are.ffiany who have · -- - · ~·· · -- hr~b#ualt \ ' - " .