Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

Sinnes.and tran£r;re{tloni habituaOknowledge,but want arluall ;" as aman ~in a dream,or in drunke.nneffe, or in madneffe, thefe have cbe principles of knowledge within-them, but' there is an obfirutl:ion of the ufe of this knowledge; and mofi wicked men arc thusaileep in t~eir finnes, they are thns drunkenwi th their Jufh : You wonder, Oh how can fuch aman, that knowes fuch \\\ayes to be finncs, J:hat read~th the Scripture, that heareth fo much, oh how can he ever be found committing fuch and fuch fins againft God ! Wonder not, for he is inaOet'p,in adrunken'! neffe, in adelirium or· mad fir, he is out ofhis wits for that time ; for its faid .of the ProdigaJI,upon l1 is repentance, that he came to ·himfelf; and the Scripture .w<>rd of admonitiOn is excellent;~~~'Jtaiet; as mucnas putcing a minde and.rcafon inta a man again; fo that you fee even thofe men who have great knowledge, yet do erre while they_-linne, becaufe they want that particular aEl~~/lknowledge, which would not on· ly be lux but calDr-alfo in their hearts; not light only, but beat alfo. And thus mud~ for the fecond ground ofall mens finnes. The third~tnd lafl, is inconfideration, -or want ofdiligent ind ftedfaft attendance unto what we do 1 and truly where there is a cleer judgement, and knowledge 'fufficicnt, yet men are hurried away through the dcceitfullneffc of finne, becaufe they do not ferioufly and .diligently confider thofe many arguments, which might make them keep off from all iniquity. The Scripture layech them down for the founda– tion ofmens tranfgreffions, and fo their calamities. Oh con• r jider thu, all ye that forg et God, Pfal.;o. And the Apoftle to Timothy,, 2 Tim.2q. Confider 'What !fay. In E~ekf:el, the firfi ftep to a·,wicked mans converfion is, if he confider ~tnd turn fY'om hiuvil 'Way: So that inconfiancy, or inconftderation is that which throwes a man iato ruine; yea ,finne in Ad.tm and Eve could come no other way but' by inadvtrtency, for there was no blindeneffe in their judgement, or crookednelfe in their will, only amuta6ility. ·Thus if we go to che head from whence all the muddy fireams of impiety do flow, it will be one of tbefe three ; either errer' ignorance, or inconjidera:_• ~io.n; but ~~ca~fe-th!s ~ay be coo fc~olafticall a difpuce aftbout .tone,