Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

~re d,mmahle Hereftis: -14J finne,\\re flta11 therefore more popularly thew, wherein !innes are Eruly called errors or wandrings. And Fidl, Becaufe alhranfgreffions de erre and deviate ftom their Reafonr: -rule, whick 14 ~he Law and Word ofqod. All humane atl:ioos, ' r. eve~y thing we do, ought to be conformable to a rule, and They deviate• that rule is Gods word. Hence 1Javid fo often commends ir, from th~ Jtul~ for a light and lamp to hi&feet, That by ir, he was forewarned from finne; that even ayoung man whofe lufis are moll: potent in him, may yet clc:anfe his way by attending thereto: P[al.II9· As man) M \valk ..}J thi& rule, faith the Apoftle, rt'XfW, is exatl:ly and methodically to follow it; Peace be PJP· on ihem; wherefore the Apoftle !ohn, giving adefinition of ' 'finne, makes the veryformallnatureofit, to be againft the LawBfGoa, and Where there u no Law, there can be no ftnne, 1 Joh.1·4· Ifthen you ask,,_Why is any finne an error? the anfwer is c:afie, it fwerves from the rule,from Gods word, to which in all things we fhould conform: Oh that men would confider this, let your life be a Scripture life, your thoughts Scripture thoughts: you are not to live as you lift, nor as othe~s d9, nor according to your own lulls, bu~according to this rule. Secondly,. Our finnes are errors, not only becaufe they de1 -~ . v~ate from rhe rule, but alfohecaufe tkeJ C~Jrry a ma~ out ofthe They ;rrys right Way. Every mans courfe of achom, the Scrrpture de· man out ofthe lights to call away; Now we are told of two wayes, a nar- right way. · r11w and a ftreight Way, and a broad Way, which leadeth to death, Matth.7. In thi,s broad way all wicked men do .wan· der, they are clean out of the way; Well then may we eaU thy lulls and thy fiones errors, b~caufe thou art carried whol· · ly out of the way. Thou thinkell thou art going to happi· neffe)that thou art in the ready way to life,but all this while, thou art awanderer: Here thou mayeft truly fay, ALyon, even the roaring Lyon that feeks eo defiroy thee, is in the way. Paul would no£ paffe by that way where {pies were laid in wait to kill him; but thou fool, and hardened finner doefi venture prefumptuooOy in thofe paches where death and damnation are fure to furprize thee. The Poet accounted it civility, comiter munftrare viam, to ·fuew the right way ~ to .:!::v· ..