Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

.,46 . $irmei1nd tranfirefions ;: to the wiindring paffenger ; but we are not only out of the · , w,ay through finne, but we are angry at all thofc,who would _ teach us abetter way! We think ,they are our enemies that cry aloud to us, 0 go not in rbat dangerous way, thou wilt at laft fall .imo the bottomldfe pit. Take heed thy whole lif1: be. not aconlh.nt error. 3~ Thirdly, ,Sinnes are errors in re JP eEl ofthe end 'Which 'We ought · ln refpecc ?' to aime 11.t , and thllt iJ true hlef{ednef[e and happinej[e: d(Mtpr-1~, the ent wluch is the miffing ofthe mark : Happineffe is that which all aim ~~o:t~ t !O · at ; a man cannot but defire.it: The rich manwould be hart• - - -- ' pyby his riches, the great man happy by his greatnclfe, only here is the great error, men place happineffe there where it -cannot be found, and. fo embrace a fhadow for a fubfiance : How bliaded then and wofully deluded are all wicked mer.? , what is or ought to be the chiefend ofall men?Wouldfi thot'f not be happy when thou diefi? Yes, faith every man,with all 'his heart: How cometb it then about,tbat thou liveft in thy finnes ? will not thefe certainty deprive thee of all ·peace and happineffe? doth not the Scripture in every page almott, threaten eternall death and ·damnation to the impenitent fin. ners? Oh then delude not thy fel£with nin hopes; _ thou wilt at laft £inde· all thy finncs to be damnable errors, that have d~prived thee of all that happineffe and bldfedncffe thou didfl: look for: For,a ma.n to be difappointed of that end for which he was made, and to which a mans continuall care andfiudy fhould be,is unfpeakable mifery. Though men never come to be fenfible of this, till they are deprived ofk. and caR: into hell; then they cry out., Oh we fools and mad men, how have we erred and ftrayed from our happindfe! The other Particulars wherein finnes arc errors, I put offto - the next, and conclode with an Ufe ofTerror towicked men, that applaud and jufiifie themfelves in their evil wayes, that ,will not be convinced,that fuch waye!. which bring them in fo much-profit and pleafure, defery~ the name of errors; for what,fhall Gods word fiand or tfiine ? fhall his thou-ghts or thine prove true? Thefe thy finnes are thy errors: Alas,poor hnner, that is made drunk or mad with his finnes, he knowetb notwhat hedoeth, what he fayeth.; orif he do in thegene· . . . - - ----- '- - - - - - - , 1J , r.a -a.