Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

~ Are d4t1JHahl' Hertftel: 147 call,·yet in the particular he.doeth not. oh·then be awakned out of thy errors, never think t<i> get that pleafure or comfort_. by firine thou hopeft for; it may be fweet in the mouth,but·it will be grnell in the belly. , - · ~~4a.$.~~~~~~~~~$a~~~ SE R Me XVIII. 'I'hat a/[ Sinnes are damnable Brrors~· further demonftrated~rPit!P{omeHelp~ againft S~nne_,. · ----------------~-------------------~~ •. p SA Le 19• IZ• Who can anderjfafJtlhil errors ? cleanfe thotJ_nie ftem {e&rel, jinnes. - wE are fiill improving this Doctrine, That jinnu and. tranfgreffiom are d;rngerom errors. We fhall ad-d fur-: ther demonllratfons of this, thatfo no wicked man may ap– plaud or bleffe himfelf in his way, but obtaining fpirituall eye-falve, and fceing all his wandrings frOfll God and happi~ neffe.may fpeedily arife and turn unto God. The firll thing 1!hall at this time p)tch upon to declare 4-, this truth, That finne is an error, fhall be fom that deordi- Sin is again!l: nation Which #in the nature ofeveryfimie in reffeEl ofma.n tU he R.~~f~l!·. - - is a rea{onable creature.·Take/m.an as pbced in an higher fphere _ then the beafis of the field, a.nd endued with"reafon ; There i9 nothing fo much againfi reafon as fin ne; by reafon, I mean ' found rectified rcafori guided,by the word ofGod,for though reafon be the eye of the fou I, yet as che eye can fee nothing without light, fo nei ther is our reafonable faculty able to difcover bet\Veen good and bad without Gods word. But - ~ ~ - -·· --- ~~kc