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are d4mt~Able Herefies.' l 'J·3 1. The infinit~ dijplea(ure of God ~g11inft ftnn~ 'Who thr-u y. poNredout hi& 11nger upon hid own Som~e, While he flood [urety The infinir.e for our Jin•es : MyGod, my God, why haft thou for[.lk.§JJ me ? tfpJea[~re of - . This was the bitter cup he was to drink for our faku : All 0 • the pains of his body, and futferings in his foul, were not for his own finnes, for he was the innocent Lamb -without any blemilb, but for our iniquitie!, he laid our iniquities upon him,Jfa.53. They met together in him, as mighty fireams of / water, which carry down all·before them, fo c~e word fignifieth : Now who can finde in his heart to finne, whenhe thall behold God fo terrible againll it when its on1y charged upon Cbrifi as afurety ? 1.• .Theother con.Jideration id the Love.•f Chri.fl; fie endured z. · all th1s wrath and agony, not only to cleanfe us from the The love.e.f - guile offinne, but alfo the filth of it, that he might redeem to ChrH.t himfelfa peculiarpeople,:;;;.e~~/om ofgoodWork,.s, Tit. z, Now this loveofCbrill Paul found it did con!l:rain him, 1 Cor.s.r4. as the word ftgnilieth; like as when any .had the fpirit of prophefie come upon them, they had violence within, and could not but fpcak. Thus the Love ofChri£1: would -be like fire in thy bones, and as c~tlor doth fegregare heterogeneous things, fo love would feparace thee from thy finnes as inconfifl:ent with God: The love of Cbrifi crucified, lhed abroad in our ,... · hearts, would ealily, kindly and fpeedily loofen us from all finne, and all the duties and fervice we lhould do would be , wit.b gladneffe and cbeerfulneffe,ofheart. In eo quod ;e'm.ztur., aut non laboratur, aut lab~r ~matnr; There is no labour in love, or if there_be,the labour is loved : Some have thought that the c·onfidcration of the love ofOod in Chri£1:, i's only neceffary to part a man from his finnes; that all other confi. derations are needleffe, but this would be to charge/the Scri· pture with fuperfluiries,that ufeth manyother befides it. Ldl:ly, We erre inJinne,-not -co1:jidering thi&,thrt~t though every man lovp the re~tll praffi[e ofjinne,yet he cannot endure the name -– ~fit put upon him: This confider,ation thou Id greatly make again£1: finne. Thou delightdl: In the reaJI practife of adul– tcry,drunktnneffe,&c. yet ~hou can£1: not endure aay fhould fay thou art an adulterer, or adrunkard : Oh inconfiderate - X ·- foolif¥