Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

) ;, \ .' v[e. .' Sinnesand-tran{grefions Aredd.mnah/e Bertfles. foolifu.man, Dofi thou love the thing, agd canfi not abide the name? On the other fide it makes for tbe ex~elle~cy of grace, that. though men car~ ,not for the pra~ile of it, yet· they love the name: They reJoyc.e to hear men give thcr:p the– Titles of fuch vertues, but if the name be fo good or -bad, why arc~ not the things them(elvesmuch more? . V/e of JnfiruClion: .Are finnes errors? then fee the nccef– fityof Repentance; The greek word i!l· more emphaticall . fJA'T?tVotd-, an afcer-minde, or an after- underfianding; as alfo'_ hereby we fee the neceffity of iJiumination, and the fpiri= tuall opening of our blinde eyes. Al1 the world cannot con• vince thee in a faving manner of d1~fe damnable wandrings, till the Spirit ofGod convince: 'Oh that men fhould live and walk in thefe errors, and yet think all is well ; or if they have fome tranfient apprehenfions of the cvilndfc of them,. yet for all that frequently:commit them: As thofe who-have fore eyes, tkough they know rubbingof them, makes them, worfe, yet they cannot keep their fingers off. What a wret· ched thing is it, to fay, I fee and approve better th-ingg,_ t-hough I do worfe : lntreat ~d t~ give thee a wife under:· ftanding hear~, . thou.art not w1fe ttll thou repent~ I • ,