Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

. . ~~~~aiiS~IIIMIII m~~~;;,ffi,mm~Th, ·~m~~m~,~~- •*-•*-~••~'•***'~* 'J ••• sEcT. V. The ·oreat Exalte'rs of Grace~ ' ' / sE RM~ XI x, · Humbled pardoned Sinners, the great '. exalters of qrace...;. . I • '. ' I p SA Le 19. 12• Who .ctt» under(landhis errors·f clettnft thou me ffom fe,._ cretjinnu. THe firft put of this Text, which is Davijs fad expoltu~ . lation, bath been fully improved. We come to the fe· ~ond, which is a vehement poft:,ulation, or ardent Petition occafionedby the complaint,Cleanfo thoume ftom fecret Jinnes. Wherein obferve the mercy prayed for, 'and the object about which it is COr.J'ferfant". The mercy prayed for is,clea.n~ fing; the objeCt, feqet finnes. · Tocleanfe, h:nh for our purpofe a two-fold fignification; Firfi, ~hat which is more noble,principall, and more ordinary,, ' and that is, topardon, fo'Y''give, or remit finne, fo that it is the " fame with covering of fin ne, or not imputing finne ;' Thus I Jah. I, ~he bl~od ofChrijf ' u ~~~id tx.~~~~nfe ,1!* from all jinn~~ .