Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

ll:S6 TlJc great ExAlttrs of Grace:;.):'- As David, Pfal. 5I• doth much prcffe this phrafe, to "WII./Ti'– bim fo, as that· he-may be 'Whiter then {now, and this is tile mofi common acception of the word ; . and it is an-allufion to chofe typica-l! wafhings and _ cleanfi~gs which werf-.amongO: t-he fews, ,as theApoflle Re'b.9.• clot h interpret, which did preRgure rhe blood of Chrifl walhing away our guilt; efpe– dally this cleanfing, or to-be pronounced dean, was. ufed of the leprous perfon, when made whole ; fo that this ·very ex· preffionclean[e, doth denote,that finne was moll abominable · and loathfome in Gods pure eyu,· and alfo to Davids feeling · and apprehenfion; Even as Job was .a burden to himfelf,when he fate upou the dunghill with thofe bodily ulcers upon hima. abhorring himfelf,ana evea weary of his life. The fecond ,ufeofthe word cle~Jnje-, in the Scripture,is for Sanaiftcdtion, and reforming of our hearts and lives from fin; ,Thu-s Ejayto the {ews, Ifa.I. Wafoye,makf-J.Ule~tfl, hDw.long jlJa/1 v11in thoughts lodge in)OH? 2 €orq.I. Let m clelfnfe our ·feiveJfrem a!lfilthine§t offtefo andjpirit.. Nowitmaybeiq · fome places both thefe fignifications may be intended, for one · is fub01rdinate and necelfarily coherent with the other; -an4 ifwe fhould in this petition comprehend both, we fhould not greatly crre, fo tbat Qardoning of fione be the principall and mai-n. . The words thus e"p-lained, we may obferve Ohforv. That a re11li and livelyapprehcnjion·ofthe nnfearchahlejin~'liti. Conrinced . tf. 'J' .and pardoned ne JJ eofa 1'1Mn)· he~~rt, u or foould be agreat motive to magnifie finners, great an~ exalt Godi grace in parioning~ They are not words or ~:ulters of expreffions, but re.all agonies and oonfli.Cls with the guilt of ;~ace~ - / {ipne, that will make us indeed admire.Gods grace., Peter ready to fink in the fea, he. will h~artily defire Chrills arm to fupport him; or like the Difciples in the fhi:p, toffed with tempefis, Ma/ler jllve m. We perifo; 0 Lord,fave,pardon,. we· are damned elfe. The four; that is tolfed up and down in - thefc deeps, wouid be glad to fiode fuch an haven as remif.. fion offinne; fome learned men.,...make. that p.hrafe .;,q;~'OJ>, or remiffion offinnes, robe a metaphor from thofe wretched~ p,erfon~, .who are call into a dark dungeon, and there have fetters and manacles put upon them; oh how welcome are, all th.ofe,that co~e -~o eafe themofthefefettcrs,and fct them. a.