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-Tht gre~tt ExttlttrJ Df Gritc~: lS7 !diberty ! No letfe, "yea far l'JM)re welcome are tbofe, who bring the glad tydings of 'the Gofpel, and the blcffed peace of a mediator, 10 the troubled !inner, who was bound and fettered in his corifcience-, not able to take any c,omforr, fpi• , rituaH or tcmpora\l,in any thing; or tlfe its made an allufion to the year of Jub.ilee, which was amofl acceptable time to all poor indebted pcrfons, for then was a generall r.e!~afe l This is to fhcw, how that pardon of finae, and rcconc-tltatum with God, is highly efieemed only by fucb, as· are · even overwhelmed with the guilt of their finne, and ·are wholly· cafl down with the apprebenfion of Gods difpleafure, and his frowns: We have two pregnant examples for t:his, the one. 1 in David," Pfal.5 I• who being greatly wounded within him for the finnes he bad committed, and finding no 'reft .for his bones, bow affecHonatcly· doth he pray-again and again for this wafuing and cleanfing ? Oh wehad not had fuch aPfalm of fo much fpirituall hungring and longing after Gods mercyi if he had. not been deeply affiided becaufe of his finne. The · other example we have inPaul, Rom.7. where after a long and fad ~onflia: with that Law offinne working in him; he· crieth ou't as aman undone ;.0 hmi[trabieman, -wh, /hall dtli• ver me from thu body of fin ne ? but' he doth not flay, there; I – thank.,GDd through {efm Chrift. Chrift was the more welcome, . bc:caufe he.had fuch a dangtrous enemy.in his own bowels. ·. To open this: When we fa.y,OnelJ thegra~om heart, deer ·ly fenjible of the gHilt ofjinne; dsth adv<lfnce and {tt.up thi& pri• vi/edge of cleanftngfrom jinne: you .may eafilJ judge, that he Tbe.bumble muft thereby /et up and advance, all thofe thing.r -which a.re the pardord fin-· CllU{e FJf thu clean 'inu, srWithout "Which it could nfit ·6e.- na·,elrtbae van~eth ; 'J', b . · 1 cau,es · Now there are thef~ thmgs necdfary to the pardon of fin-· of pardon. , Firfi, The efficient caufe of it, u the metrgoodneffe ·and fre; . 1. grace ~fGod: There is nothing moveth ~im to this deanfing, The efficien~{ but hts meer mercy, Rom.3!25. B~ing ;uflified freely hy hu caufe. grace -:. So then the .wounded heart for finne, that doch·exaft p,ardon of ~nne,,. is thereby alfo greatly atf€Cted with Ire caufe of tfll5, the free grace. and meer love-of God. Thus Pfal.)I. 4ccordi~g :o the multitude.?! thy' mercy, have mercy 1n me~ !h1~ Pa:~_~~ ~!1 !!lany Efalms 1s greatly affeCted with ; . X 3_ · · - and.