Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

, .. 2. The merito· rious cau.Ce. Silints and tranfg re{tiom and you may fee Paut, like t.he filk-worm, weaving fromhk· inward bowels heavenly·enlarged expreffions aboiit Gods grace, fometimes ca,ling _it the riches of hi& gr~tce, and the unfearchAble riches ofhugrt~.ce. Oh the truly hamble for fin .dolove to hea~, to read,to meditate on this point; This is th; mount of transfiguration, ofwhich they fay,ft i& good t6 be . here: That man is only an admirer ofGods grace, who Is an al.l:oniflled and an amazed man at his own vilene!fe·: Gods nqfearchable riches ofgrace, a~e only prized by thofe who cry out ofthe unfearchable errors of their wayes : Therefore an Antinomian, or A Papift and Arminian, thefe though they have different principles, yet by their doctrine, they cannot truly and heartily advance grace ; for the latter·by their do· Brines, ftrive to make us more beautifull and found then in· .deed we are.; and the other forbids thofe contl:ant and fe· rious hiunilia1ions for finnes, both which do gc.eatly take off from the Cordiall el.l:eeming ofGods grace. ' / The fecond thing, which procureth this pardon afiinne, 'u Chrift, and.Chrijt offeredup ao anexpiatory facriftce: Th~refore his blood is faid to Wafo. or r:leanfe. NowDavid knew that tl:lill cleafing could not be without aMeffias, for all thofe .(adaicall cle'}njing~,and legall facrificeJ ,they did typifie Chrilt, .and the godly man even in thofe dlJyes, did look to Chrilt in them ; therefore haply the people gene.r:;.•!Jy did relt only in the offerings themfelves, and the works of the Law with– out Cbrift, as appearethby P.aulsdifputing againft thi$ in the Epifiles; and no wonder they did fo, whca the Hght of the Gofpel was not fo glorious; for even in thefe bright times, whe~HheSun of righteoufndfe is rifen on high in our fphere, yet moft people do refi in duties and Ordinances, as if by the performing of them meerly they had pardon and remiffion of finnes, and not looking to Chrifi :ehe body a.nd fullne!fe of all; fo then when Davidprayetb, cle.m[c me from firme, it is as much, as if he had defircd to be fprinklcd with Chriils blood : But in t~e newTelbment, when the Sunne was come to its verticall point> there you may fee Pitul no longer living, but Chrift in him. Not only the foul of him that love'th, is where it l~veth, but ofh_im that belicveth, in whom it doth believe: