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I ' . ofthe tlectitfolnefteandg~lleofMttns he~trt.- . 'divel~· -any further then by conje8'ure5, or fo far as a man re: . veales himfelf. You fee upon this quefl:ion, Wh6 c~n k._now it ! is replied, l.the Lordfearch-the hearts~rn~ try the rtines; fo that the heart of a man is fuch a deep ocean,mco the bottom where– of none can dive, but the a!I-feeing eye ofGod, to whom .darkndfe and light is all one. Is not the hea:rt of a man then full of concavities and windings, when Angels and dive Is are not able to knowwhat is in our bre.afh. Indeed the Prophets did fometimes know t he hearts of others,as Elifott. knew what · was in Gthq.ae~ ~eart, but this was by Gods 'reveJatif:>n, be · made thoft: 'thoughts known to the Prophet '. Hence we prove -. Chrifl: eo be true God, becaufe. he .knew what was in-.men,· hearts, yJ~_ b_e disl fee 'What 'W.u in their heartr,, that is more · then to ,know, for I may know another mans thoughts, if he r~veales them tom~, but I cannot fee them in thei~ hearts, ·}-et Chrift ,faw :'What W.u in their he11rtf. , Hedcc the Apoll:t'e · .faith_, If our heartJ condemnm; God is greater then our hettrtl, 1 {oh.J. He knows f.ar more evil byus then we do our felves. _ lfwe then can difcern fo many errors,fo much filthineffe,whae · doth the Lord know by u·s! This made the Apoftle fay ,thoNgh - ' <he k_new nothing by him[elfJet 'Wr~~s h"n,ot thereby jufti.fied,for. it is - the Lord t'hatjudgeth,I Cor+4· Oh then r-emember this,.thac . . . GocJ knows more by tbee then thou thy {elfdoett, and ifyet thou canfi perceire fo much that makes thee abhominable in thy own eyes an~ a very bean, how much more .doth God , know tb,is by thee l . ·, '· . 5. T.his gH.i/i;ofthe he.ArJ is not-ti/;lymanif.ejled in· this; That Io.:' tVIna regenerat-e find 11-godly m~tn, Vilho i1{anOlifird hyGods Spi· Godly men rit' thltt hath truth in the inward parts, yet he hath-much ofthis have much of hypocrijie and deceitfulm./[e abiding in him. That ruO: then-muft this d~ceitfulneeds cleaYe clofe, which fuch tiling det h not get off. That ndfe tz:vthem. droffe.then mufin:ceds adhere, which tbi"s fire of-bunting will . !lot co~fnme. That m is deceicfulnetf~ is fiilJ .adhering fee,ic an DAV1d, though ·unan afcer Gods ~t.eart: With ·wha t hypo- - , crifie ·did he contriv.e' his adultery wi~h /Jath./htba, and tbe murder ofVriah? bow many fubtle projeCts had h-e to hide . and cover his finne? Now that the byporr-ifie of his lleart car– riccl1him to all this, _:aPP-~areth by_Pjal>SJ,.: Thou deji_reft trmh , -i ,; l - . \ -