Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

. 1:6 ·0 f t hNJeceit(NlntjfeanaguileifM aJJS het#l. in the:inwArd parts. Oh he f(els what is theplague foar,what was the occafion ofall his mifery , the want of truth in the in– ·Wards part:5: See then by this example, what deceitfulneffe may be even in a godly man: and although Na~h~&nael bath the greatefi<om~endation that can be given, ~ true /fraelite in whom'W<~s nogHile, yet that is not to be undcrfiood abfolutely, ,as if no bypocrifie at all were ln his heart, but comparatively · in refpcCl: ofothers; as evt'n arri0ng godly men, fome have more plainnelfe and fincerity of heart then others. The confi,. _deration of this unknown deceitful! temper of heart, made DavidGry our, Clenfe me from r»J (ecret.ftm,Pfai.I9· fuch as I bave never yet difcovered, fuch as I have not taken notice of. Lord what I do not know of, wh1t I am notconviaced of, do .thou pardon. ~ , 1 r; 6. Th~et the heart is full oft,Nile And Hnk.zm~n to a .m.flns{elf, God !eaves appeareth in that God manj times leaveth men unto ttmptationl, mcm. m tern· and put! thmtupon trials, that {o th't] may have an- experimen– phtattons tkhat tall k..,nowledge ofthemfelvr:s. ThusGod tempted Abr11ham, and t eymay now · li I h b h · h b h ·rc f b experimentaltt was ure y t at A .ra ~m mtg t y t e e~erc•.c~o ~race e l.y what is in more made known to htmfelf; of Het:.ek..•~th, tt s fatd, God them. left him in that proud-pdfage, of {hewing all his Treafurcs to the Babylonif'h Embaffadours to cry what was in his heart 1 2 Chron.2.3 r. That He~ekjah might fee there w~s that pride, that vanity, that ambition, that he would not think poffible in him: Thus when God let afalfe Prophet come among the Jfraelites 1 and the things that he told come t~ paffc, I the Lord d() it to tryyou, faith God; Deut.:13··1. ,Qh we 'fee t.hat were there not fuch perfecutions, fmch hert',fies~ fudi fcandds in the Church ofGod, many would nev.er know thcmfelvt's. TheremHft be herejies that tho{e \vho are approved a.ndfound:mal bemadf mttnifift, 1 Cor.t 1. and certainly it is good for a Chn– fiian to confider whether all Gods Providences in his Church ' be not tempting Providences to f~e what is in thy heart: w:hc-e ther it was .Jove to God, or carnall refpect:s have carried tbee on. The lhaking windes difcover the root of the tree; The boiling of the water .difcovers what is in the:veffell: Hot and bufie times, or .times of liberty and fuffraoce make men known to themfclves and their corruptions, which ot_herwife .wduJd not have been. · i , 7· The