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of the deceitfolnefe andguileojMdnsht4ft; i!j . 7• Tht ht.crtJ deceitfalnef[e i&_ mofl plAinly di[covered in th!J . • ·-~z~ . p~rtkulf4r, ThA~a 111411. ~h!n he·uunder tht occAjion and te'(IJpta· It.appe;n-g ~ll , mnofaJinne, W1// comm1t ~t 1 thoughbeforehe 'Would hAve allhor• thlslt~~t IJl\a}l · red it, and thought; though all ths 'Worldflm~ldbe given to him, ~~~~u~ll~~ . he durft nor do it. This is ar~mar~able particular, efpeciaiiy co~l?li~~haf 1 to take us off from thofe htgh pmaclei and lofty prefump.- finwhichbe~ tions weareapt to fix: upon. 0~ ifwe ever be fuch, or do fuch fore h~ abhc-i\ ·or fall into fuch mifcarriages, they abhorre it. Ob vain man, ~e4 & i~oughc little doft: thou.know_ the dcceitfulneffe of the heart.Tbismade b: dcr~~A ~<:1l Solom~n fay'· Bleffed u the man t~fltfeareth a_lwaye.r, Pro.?-8. 14. 1;~ i~·-- -·~IfSoMnon htmfclfhad taken thts counfell,tf he had feared al- - wayes, in the midft ofth~t abtmda~ce and pr.ofpcrity he bad~ :it had never occali<?ned that great dtfpute,Whether he was fa.., nd or damned?. Remember that inftan~e of HP~~ael, upea .whom the Prophet looked fo fiedfaftly that at Ialf: hewe.pt; and being a.sked by Ha~ael, why he did fo ~ · reply was nt.tde~ ' becaufe he {hould have power, and he would be fo cruell,thacr he iliould rip up the very women with childe ; I.r thy [ervant . ~ dog,faid Ha~acl,thathejhoulddo thm? 3 King.8.13. H~dcfi· cd the fact: with great abomination, and yet afterwards he did it, here wu a deceitfutl heart. But no marvell to fee this in Ha);;,tttl: Even in P~ter a godly man, and vcrry zealous for Ouifi, what an inft'!nce hayeye of the hearts decei.t! Chrict told him be ·fhould ·dmy him: ' he anfwered, Though aft.men foould forfak! him, yet he 'Would mt, .M!t.i6.34·· but you fee when .the temptation came, he did not only deny him, but did [wear t!ti(!d curfe that he k,.newnot the man: fuch is the guile of our hearts, thanhey wou Id betray Ch~iffeve.ryday, fuould not the Lord keep truth and uprightneffc in the inward parts: Hence are thof~ ·petitions to God, that he :Would ftrengthen. fettle and confirm us, r·Pet.).ro. Hence alfo are thofe promi– fes from God, That he will put hu fear in our hearN, · that 'We}hall never depart from him, Jer.31·4o. for without this, the beart will fly back.-li.ke a deceitfttll bow. ' How ofte.o .arc the Jfraelites in times of temptation, faicho humble themfelv.es, r6 cry out of their linnes, and yet their heart \V.u not ftedfaft 'Wit'h· in t'hem. And this brings in the eighth Sign of:tbe deceitful· nelfc ofmans-biarr,, · , · ··· - ~ S!Thftt ' f