Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

. ·oft!Jtlettltfolntfft'411dguile ef rMitttJ heire: ~)~ ~ame flter the fiery furna<e were burnt: Auftin ttls t~l of ~is '· ·Friend Alipim, tbat he would needs go· to Stage· plays, hut be refolved to lhut his eyes at any unlawfuH objeCls; but ~e could not abfhin wben bewas in rhe temptation; Let not thY: heart then deceive thee any more in this kinde, hut keep from tbe -occafion of fin as hell it felf; Oh one day thou wilt curfe·· the perfons and the companions that indeed-thee to wickcdne1fe. 3• The heart is decei!full, in th~t hefore J!n i.s committed, it · 3.! pre/ent s only the pleafure, the profits, the delight of ji_n, andaf- The heart be3·. terwardJCornes the hook_, lljterw11rds cometh the bitter Scorpions fore li~ne be • t~til. Thus 1~m. r. Ever) man is /aid tO" he led ajide6y hip own co~mme~ luft!• Thereare 2. excellentGreek words,thefirfi Jl:l<-ea'G~9t;@- ~~:fi~~n~ e · is coufcned, as the Bird that feet h.only th~ wheat but not the pleafure of fin . Jime; or the fi{h that feeth the bait bnt not the hook; As Jael a~d not the toSifera,Come in my Lord; andfotwedhim the difo of milk._, but bmerne~c that – not the nails that ·were to be fafiencd to his head: and rhe .follows lt, · ' other is,'el;el<-xl~@- vioiently hurriedaway as onetfilat bath' not / leifure to meditate on the danger; His heart is drawn afide from the thoughts of that hell and judgement which doth be– long to every fin; Even u the devil at fi1 fi inticed Eve both -thefc waics, partly in lhewing her the defirubleneffe of the · frgit of the Tree, and partly in perfwading · her !he lhould ! not die .though !he did eat of it. Thus thy heart is a falfe · treache_!'ous heart to thee, it fuggefis only the pleafure; an_d advantages of fin, but nothing of that torture and torment, , the guilt will bring with~it: rudaJ his heart did tbtls betray him as he did his Mafler, that ro!td him of thirty peeces, , and the profit thereby, but noth ing of the anguilh and'hor.– rour that would furprife him for betraying the innocent: 0 : then confider this, you that are eafily enticed-to fin: The heart that now findes eafe and delight, will finde gnawing worms and fcorpions. Thus it bath done, and thus it will do, 4 , _ and therefore do not thou fht terthy felf. · In thinki'n'O' . 4• The heflrt dtceivtth it /elf 11bo}.t fin to think. it ·fe 1 1f fired himfelf frc~ . from_iniquit], if it dot-h not c.& it j(df 1 · though he coun{ell, tabf from guilt if · delight, encourage, or #it haft not gnin{t<J or rrpnve others; and hheacthi:oht, '- _ h . . . d . f h 1.. r. . r. If t cug e a~.~et., tndy:t ts tsanotonous ,c:cc1t o t e.uearr, to cxcu te tt 1f thefinne,,. · thoujjh - ·